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Robin Kelly Biography

“Each song has a different flavour, a different life. By the time a song is recorded it has already grown and changed. It
then matures and transforms each time it is performed. Sometimes it is put away for years in suspended animation.
Robin has written songs all his life. However, in the early nineties they came through in a flurry, and he wandered into a
studio in Mount Eden, Auckland and did his best to convince the owner to help him with a couple of demos. In 1998,
he released his first album ‘Black Ice’ gaining national radio airplay, and a live spot on television New Zealand
performing ‘Empty Sack of Dreams.’

Since then three albums have followed; all have been critically acclaimed. In 2003 he was Artist of the Week at New
Zealand’s premier radio station 1ZB. Shimmer was first released in 2007 in New Zealand, and this year in the USA,
where it has been nominated for 2010 Album of the Year by Indie Music Digest.

Robin’s other life is as a writer and presenter. In his presentations, sometimes he just talks, sometimes he just sings,
sometimes both. In the evening, he just sings. In 2009, his presentation The Human Hologram was a highlight of New
Zealand's first TEDx. His second book won best science book at the 2008 USA Best Books
Awards. He is a frequent radio and TV guest in New Zealand and the US, including an interview with George Noory on
Coast to Coast in December 2009.

When he is not performing, he is known to work from home as a doctor.
Robin Kelly
Discography Albums:  Black Ice (1998) - Silk & Knives (2002) - Shimmer (2007 NZ 2010 US) - Something Magical (2010)
Instrumentation: Robin Kelly: Vocals guitars harmonica - Rob Galley: Guitars - Mike McCarthy: Keyboards, percussion
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