See pictures of
Jam-A-Que 2007
a Southern Rock event
The Outfit with
JoJo Billingsley
from Lynyrd Skynyrd,
The Southern Boys,
special guest
Jane Van Zant
and others.

Also: A Tribute
to the late
George McCorkle
from the
Marshall Tucker Band
I was blank as this paper when I received the mission
orders from Col. Tamar. Your mission, should you decide
to take it, is for The Outfit to play at the Luther Luckett
Correctional Facility in La Grange, Kentucky. In my mind  
I was already sampling the mean pepper steak at Joliet
with Elwood and Jake. We were on a misson from GOD.
We hit the highway at 6am, for a 1 o’clock show. The
opener would be La Grange, Jailbreak, the closer. In
between, Jailhouse Rock, the standard Skynyrd tunes
and originals mixed in. It was a 4 hour drive, with the first
hour like riding in the clown car at the circus. We
redistributed the load at the first stop, and the 5 vehicle
parade proceeded north toward Louisville. Upon arrival,
we traded our ID for a number badge. We were met by
Karen Heath, a 19 year veteran, who couldn’t have been
nicer, considering we had bombarded her with email
questions for weeks. The first laugh I got was at the
expense of Walter, writer for the Nashville Scene;
everyone I name plays guitar by the way. (I carry the
band. The luggage, the equipment. Bada bing.) I asked
Walter if he wanted to wear my $50 French beret. He
replied tensely, “I’m not wearing a beret in a prison!” I
responded, “ I bet you never thought you would say that
sentence in your lifetime. The inmates shuffled in until
they appeared to be about 150 strong and we cranked it up. The band was tight for only the third gig and I was on my game
even though I had never closed my eyes the night before. There were several rousing cheers and appreciative, loud
applause for every song. The inmates had raised our fee by making arts and crafts, and we were the highest paid band they
had hosted, so we wanted to give them there moneys worth and more. My bass drum started sliding during Burning Sky, so
CJ’s girlfriend Marcy, carried over a bricko block to steady it. She got a hand for being female, and Walter said, “ You gotta
love a girl that will bring you a bricko block.” They agreed wholeheartedly! The band wasn’t sure what to say to the crowd
after the opening line, “We haven’t played to a captive audience before”, fizzled. I knew they were having a good time from
the tapping of white tennis shoes and some mouthing of the words to the radio songs we played. The band played I Fought
The Law  back to back with Jailhouse and it seemed for a minute, we had ventured to far reminding them of their situatuion
with the state. Groucho Marx popped in my head  from Coconuts. He told Chico to play faster, he saw someone in the crowd
with a rope. Simple Man by Skynyrd seem to win them over and  when we ran out of time we let them vote on That Smell or
Jailbreak. It was a tie so we performed Skynyrd, rather than taking a chance on inciting a riot and having dogs and guards
chase the inmates if they got carried away by the spirit of Thin Lizzy. The Outfit completed the mission, shot photos outside
the gate with Karen Heath and headed to Cracker Barrel to rate our performance. They have booked us back for November,
so I have to go practice. Peace Out!   

Link: Check out Helter Shelter (article on the prison gig) by Walter Jowers in the the Nashville Scene
Link: Read about The Outfit's escape from prison. The band tells their story at Southern Fried Magazine!
(left  to right) Walter Jowers, CJ Dubuisson, Dan Crawley,
Gary Allen, Tony Beazley, Jamon Scott and Mike McIllwain
The Outfit with Lynyrd Skynyrd backup singer JoJo Billingsley at Jam-A-Que 2007
on the cover of (Nashville's Concert Pictures Website)
Luther Luckett
THE OUTFIT includes regulars from "The Play It Again Jam" Nashville Musicians Jam
The Outfit at Nashville's 3rd & Lindsley Search
The Outfit at Sugargrove in Westmoreland Tennessee,
perform "
Tennessee" with Mike McIllwain on vocals
Video courtesy of Tony Beasley & YouTube
The Outfit performs "Working For MCA" at 3rd & Lindsley,
with C.J. Dubuisson on vocals. and Tony Beazley on bass
Video courtesy of Tony Beazley & YouTube
2007: Fast Kenny Utterback blows a blues lead with The Outfit
at the 3rd Annual Jam-A-Que near Nashville. Also seen in the
video are
CJ Dubission (guitarist), and a quick shot of LA's own
Scott VanZen (guitar).
The Outfit peforms "Nite People" at Jam-A-Que 2007
in Carthage TN with "Play It Again Jam" musicians,
including Pacific Gas & Electric's
Kenny Utterback on vocals
Video courtesy of Kenny Utterback & YouTube