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Steven Capozzola
Steven Capozzola was the founding bass player and harmony singer in
the San Francisco-based rock steady group, The Jethro Jeremiah Band,
till a near-fatal stage accident temporarily retired him from music.  
After recovering and eventually moving to the east coast, he returned to music
and has been writing and performing his own brand of singalong acoustic porch
music.  He has played music all over the U.S. and currently divides his time
between gigging and jamming in both New York City and Woodstock, NY.

I recorded a new batch of songs recently during a long day-and-night session at my friend Mateo Monk's home studio in rural Purcellville, Virginia, at the foothills of
the Blue Ridge Mountains. The six songs are posted at ReverbNation. We're currently number #5 on the ReverbNation Folk charts for New York, NY as of Jan. 21st.
On a cold, windy, winter afternoon, Mateo and I walked down to his basement studio, switched on an electric heater, and started recording. We worked as fast as we
could in order to put down a handful of songs in the one free day that Mateo had that week.
Many of these songs were done in one take—just quick rhythm guitar, vocals, and bass, with Mateo adding percussion, flute, and lead guitar. We had to work quickly,
which is why we couldn’t fix a few out of tune bass notes and some hoarse vocals.
Come evening time, we shifted to whiskey and hunkered down to mix the songs. Mateo worked fast to pull together what turned out to be a crisp batch of folkish,
country-rock tunes. We were amazed to find that the bass guitar on one song, “Staring,” somehow pulled in a snippet of a radio announcer saying, “…in the midst of
one of those glorious times and victorious times.” You can hear that radio feedback at the end of the song. On some other songs, you can hear squeaking chairs,
some scattered talking, and the occasional click-clack of Mateo playing with a chain of “magnet balls.”
There was no point in editing out these stray sounds. We didn’t have time. But I think they also help to commemorate a great day of music. And they might help
transport the listener back to Mateo’s great guitar and flute playing during that long 12-hour session.
Most of all, though, I hope you’ll sing along to some of these songs. When we were recording “The Preacher”—the song that opens this new EP—we thought we were
onto something special. Maybe you can hear it in the layers of ragged, late-night harmonies that we added…
Anyway, these songs offer a snapshot of a special winter day in Purcellville, Virginia. The tracks are posted and available for listening and free download at both:

www.reverbnation.com/stevencap   and   www.sonicbids.com/stevencapozzola

Thanks for listening.
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