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July 2009: A Message From Within Reason:  Wow! I can't say enough to thank you guys. We are honored to be selected as winners

Glen Naylor on July 13, 2009 at 06:07 AM:  Submitted to Tennessee Concerts Talent Competition (Spring 2009)
Fantastic to be given an honourable mention in this competition, there is no doubt about those Nashville boys......
they are great communicators and really make one feel very special even when on the other side of the world. Thanks Pat.


Quote from Tennessee Concerts editor Pat Adams.  For three nights we listened to songs by Sonic Bids artists from all over the world. On
the third night it came down to Within Reason as being the best band (or artist). This band really has some good music."  Be sure to check out
Within Reason. Thanks to Gary Allen from the Charlie Daniels Band for helping me judge the contest. See Gary's comments below.

Quote from Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band and JJ Cale) - Editor of The Music City Beat!
I suspected Within Reason would be tough to beat during the first round of the TennesseeConcerts Talent Competition. These rockers from
Birmingham, Alabama are the very first winner of Pat Adams new Sonic Bids international talent search. Bloodshot Life is the new CD. The songs
are crisp, well executed & masterfully recorded. Chris Dow delivers on lead vocals and has a voice for rock and roll. Mook, David, Griffin and Adam
round out the band bringing skilled musicianship, memorable melodies and cool but stinging riffs to the table. They play with energy and abilities of
seasoned professionals. Things are happening fast for these guys with solid reviews, sales around the globe and live television exposure.  
I played The Whisky A Go Go  last on a Tuesday night. Within Reason played New Years Eve! No one likes a showoff, except me of course.
Congratulations on being #1!


"These guys are pretty ambitious. They want to be the biggest thing on the planet. That would be Rosie O Donnell's ass, but aim high I always say.
Rock is an attitude and unlike the milkman, Analogue delivers! John Lennon said ," It doesn't always make a difference what the lyrics say as long
as the track has attitude." These dudes have both. They are the most impressive submission in my Sonic Bids Best Song contest for December,
and if they win, it wouldn't surprise me. Fresh, original, snappy, clever and well executed." - GARY ALLEN (Drummer for The Charlie Daniels Band,
JJ Cale, Stonewall Jackson, The Jets)

Review from Gary Allen!
I've had the honor of receiving a review from Gary Allen. You may know him as the drummer for The Charlie Daniels Band, The Jets, and Stonewall
Jackson to name a few. He's a really cool guy and I think it's amazing that he took the time to listen to my album 'Oh My'. Here's what he had to say:

Sean has a fresh sound that is light, clean and well produced. He reminds me of an early Paul Simon that has no job opportunity for a Garfunkle.
What I'm saying is Sean is Still Crazy After All These Beers. The strings are used sparsely but effectively like the fab four do it. If you could buy his
free CD, maybe Sonic Bids wouldn't ask him for identification before they would post him as a spotlight artist. I like his voice, it's very smooth and
recording friendly. I say these things because he took my family hostage and is here with a gun. I would call 911 if I knew the number.
I kid Sean, as long as he doesn't know where I am.

All seriousness aside, Sean rocks like it's 1969, and if you don't like his CD he will refund your money. I got a refund but I don't think Sean is on the
twenty dollar bill, so I may have been taken. Now put down the firearm and step away from it. I read everything on the note like I said I would. :)
Gary Allen Drummer, The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale    


Biography: ArleneWow! has a signature voice and poignant lyrics that attracts fans from many genres of music. Born and raised in New Haven
Connecticut, ArleneWow! has performed with many local groups such as Milk, The Unexpected, Vertigo and Little Queen "The Ultimate Heart
Tribute". She has released self titled CDs with Milk as well with The Unexpected. Her debut CD "The Red Is Becoming" has brought her immediate
recognition and notoriety among fans and fellow musicians alike.
ArleneWow!'s live performances have been described as "uplifting and emotionally charged".
Gary Allen, drummer for the Charlie Daniel's Band and J.J.Cale, has awarded ArleneWow! 2 top ten's in his Nashville Music City Beat contest for
her songs "Breathe" and "The Flesh". The Music City Beat   Jump My Mind was one of the more impressive tracks...
Jump My Mind was one of the more impressive tracks in a very competitive month, receiving a Top Ten Runner Up for December

GARY ALLEN (Drummer for The Charlie Daniels Band, JJ Cale, Stonewall Jackson, The Jets)   Hi Gary, This is an amazing email and very inspiring.
I'm really happy you enjoy my music and the thought of giving up is not an option for  me. I'm interested to learn more about your opportunity. Is this
only by submission on Sonic Bids and is there a deadline? Thanks again,Andrea

Hi Gary, Thanks for your response. Elyse is very excited about this opportunity and will be entering your contest. All the best, Thanks again.
Lynne Tomlinson

In less than a year’s time, Amanda’s songwriting career, has hit the fast lane.  Amanda’s lyrics have been recognized in American Songwriter
Magazine’s 2008  September/ October issue Lyric Spotlight for her song “Chips” .  Her songs "Trophy Wife" and "Big
Man" were considered by Steel Tree Film's: Hillers-The Series.  Gary Allen, of the Charlie Daniels Band/JJCale, listed The Tractor Song as one of
his runner up choices for his Music City Beat December songwriting contest for Tennessee Concerts.  Amanda is also a featured artist this month
(January 2009) on itunes for the Rockin’Moms podcast.  The podcast plays the original demo version of “Trophy Wife” and the lyrics for  “Big Man”
are read by Tiffany Petrossi, Rockin’moms founder.  Amanda is also pictured as one of the cover artists for the Rockin’ Moms January Newsletter.  

Dear Gary, Thanks for the very personal message.  I started to actually wonder if anyone was actually reading our EPK.  I do find it interesting how
many fans we've developed in the States recently, especially down south, with a couple of Texans adding our songs to their profiles. We have
submitted both our EP tunes to you, (there is one other, but seems out-of-place with our new album material), I hope you enjoy them.  We are
hoping to have more professional quality recordings soon, but alas, we are still saving for the album.  I think you will like the direction we've taken
from the old ep.  Peace, Matty Boisvert - The Equation (0=1=Infinity)

Hi Gary! Thanks for the top ten for my tune! You really know how to brighten up a gal's day! You'll be hearing from me again for your next contest.
Guess you'll never get rid of me now! Keep rockin and... Happy 2009!
ArleneWow! Tx Gary, nice personal contact. Will do right now.RegardsErle   
thanks Gary! i'm definitely interested in entering the competition and will tell my marketing gal to get on it! thanks for the note,
-andrea hamilton    Thanks Gary!  That means a lot.  I will get my tunes submitted.  I
have a brand new one that I haven't uploaded yet called "Wakin in Vegas".  I think you will really dig it.  I'll get it online and submitted on
Thanks again! Bob Smith

Hey Gary!  Thanks for taking the time to send me a message.  I definitely plan on submitting a song to your contest this week. TennesseeConcerts
is a great site and very well done.
I'm sure that you are pretty busy, but if you have a little extra time sometime, I'd love to chat with you to get a heads up or some information on the
scene.  Sometimes it feels like I'm just spinning my wheels or not making the right decisions and given you're BMI experience I'm sure you have
plenty of advise to give.
Again, thanks for checking us out!  Were there any particular tunes that stood out to you?  I always have a hard time trying to figure out what to
post... I upgraded my account so i could put more online and not have to make that decision.
Have a great week! Aaron Madrigal

Thanks for the message!  I checked out your contest and Tennessee Concerts.  Its pretty cool especially the pics, you must have had a hell of a
time.  I will look into the contest, and 'm definitely interested in  coming down to Jam with yall. When do you do the jam? thanks, Andy Brasher

Thanks for the honorable mention Gary, we really appreciate it. Will it be posted on your website this month? We are just getting our feet wet as
song writers so this is a much needed shot in the arm. We'll keep churning out some more and hopefully we can link up with the right artist for our

Thanks again,Rich Gaither

Thanks Gary! I did sign up for the newsletter so I will look forward to reading it! I appreciate your hard work and sense of humor :) I will try again
soon!  Best Wishes- Andrea Harper

Hi Gary,Thank you for the encouraging email! If you'd like to hear more of my tunes, there are several in my EPK, as well as on my website and
cdbaby. I know you're busy, but feel free to check 'em out! Have a great day!  (all songs featured from my cd "The Red Is Becoming")

Hi Gary,Could you please add me to your Music City Beat newsletter so I can receive your news -- and find out where I ranked in the contest for
November?I entered your contest (Sonic bids) for November, and although I didn't win, your comments included me as either a
Runner Up/Very Honorable Mention.
THANK YOU! Katherine Dougan Clinton,  

Hi Gary, Thank you very much for listing me as a "very honorable mention or runner-up" in your December song contest. It was very exciting to see
my name listed. I played The Tractor Song in Portland over the Thanksgiving holiday for a group of singer songwriters in Portland, Oregon, and
they loved it too. I thought it might just have a southern appeal, but it seems to be like across the country. Is there anything you would recommend
that I do to try to get it heard by big name artists that might be interested in recording something like The Tractor Song?  I am looking forward to
reading your newsletter and am so appreciative of your consideration.  I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season. Amanda Martin
Fowler    Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all that came with Gary selecting my song "I'll Come Running" for his Song of the Month.
From the feature on the Tennessee Concerts website, the great prizes of Julia's Lip Tint and the candy from Lynchburg Cake and Candy Co,
Virginia bumper stickers from Tamar and the homemade soaps on the way...I really appreciate it!And of course this would not have happened
without Gary selecting my song which meant a great deal from such a huge talent as I take the steps necessary in my journey of becoming
successful as a songwriter!
Feel free to keep in touch and thanks again to each of you.  All the best,  Terri Stoz

Gary! I just read the Sonicbids update, and while we were not selected, I'm extremely flattered that we made the top 10 runners up list.
It is a hard go these days in the music business, and to see this really  cheered me up and encouraged me to keep on keepin on!
Looking forward to seeing the band name posted on the web site, and you can bet for sure that I'll be entering your song contest again.
Thanks for your support and for making opportunities like this one available!
Happy Easter :)  Lauren Murphy/ Lansdale Station -composer 'Family Asylum'


Hey Gary and Pat, Thanks so much for the spot in the Music City Beat! People are calling!!! Thanks again for all your help,
Hank Thomas & Silent Thunder

I love it! Thank you so much for everything you've done.
Holly Bernt/Sonicbids Artist

That is just awesome news! It's really exciting to know your music gets listened to by some of the best in the biz, even if you don't come first it's a
true buzz! We'll just wait until we have the new CD down with even better tracks (I think they are anyway, he he!) and we'll get back to you with our
new material. Is that okay? All the best, Dave

This is great! and a bit of a surprise! I'm sure this will help my promotional efforts significantly and thanks so much for encouraging and recognizing
my work. It always feels great to be appreciated doesn't it!  Thanks for being a REAL person in this crazy industry...   Gratefully, Tom Parcipato    

Thanks,you have been associated with some of the best for sure,thanks a bunch for the letter and advice!  Mike Varney was trying to get me in
The Outlaws right before Hughie Thomason (RIP)joined Skynyrd but it didn't pan out...but  I am very hopeful to get on another tour in the US
sometime and to do a lot more with my songwriting,etc. I am infinitely thankful for music in my life and all the fantastic interesting people I have met..
It is great to meet you on the web and hope to meet in person someday. Thanks again! ( really appreciate the personalized contact, very cool )  
Craig Erickson

Hey Gary and Pat, Great to hear from you! Both pages look awesome, you and Pat sure know how to design a website! Thank-you for what you do!
In God We Trust, Heather Gibson, Director of Bookings and Promotions, Gibson Unlimited, Inc.

That's great stuff! It's just what I need for my press kit, (which is a little slim as a solo artist right now).  I'll put it on the EPK ASAP.  Also, let me know
if there are any opportunities to get on a bill down in the music city any time.
Thanks! Eric Bair/New Machines

I am thrilled and honoured to see my name listed as a runner up....I have tears rolling down my cheeks, I thought as I have been a runner up
with all the Aussie stuff I should write something about your neck of the woods and maybe I could win and get all the prizes which is my goal....
Thanks again Gary for listening intently, I will have to write one about bloody Russia or somewhere as my Tennessee one didn't win but, I AM
OVERWHELMED as a runner up.
Cheers Mate, Glen Naylor/Australia-Sonicbids

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