Performers at Printers Alley have included: Hank Williams Sr., Chet Adkins, Roger Miller,
Jimmy Dean, Hank Williams Jr., Andy Griffith, Connie Frances and many more over the years.
In 1974,
Paul McCartney visited Printers Alley in Nashville, resulting in the Wings song "Sally G"
Boots Randolph
Black & White images
from old Nashville
Martha Carson 1921-2004
Dottie West 1932-1991
Bob Luman 1932-1976
Live at
Dottie West and The Heartaches
1978: The late Schull Shulman & my ex-wife Cynthia
at Skull's Rainbow Room in Printer's Alley
Nightclub owner David "Schull" Shulman, shown here with a
"wad" of money in his hand, was later robbed and murdered at
the his Rainbow Room Club in Printers Alley on January 21,
1998. He was a fixture in Printer's Alley for decades and very
well-liked by many well-known performer's. One whole side of
his club was lined with pictures of him and visiting celebrities
including Tanya Tucker, Willie Nelson and many many others.

Picture by Pat Adams
in the 60's & 70's
Printers Alley