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Webmaster of www.tennesseeconcerts.com
Pictures of friends, celebrities and myself, plus related autographs & memorabilia. Some pictures are
also published throughout my over 200 pages on the web. This page includes links to related pages on my website
Nashville Cat,
growing up in
Nashville trying to
learn to play guitar
My High School
in the 1970's
My picture in the
Santa Clause
and myself
in the 1960's
I tried getting married,
but you see how that went
Me & Mickey Mouse,
Disney character.
I'm the one on the left.
President Ronald Reagan
& myself in the 1980's
Backstage with
Hermans Hermits
singer Peter Noone
at the Fair in 2002
Paul Revere & the Raiders
at the Tennessee State Fair.
on September 11, 2002.
My favorite band as a kid.
Me and Charlie Daniels
in June 2006
www.tennesseeconcerts.com basically began with
my work on the Kaleidoscope in the early 1970's.
The Kaleidoscope was one of the first all-music
newspapers in Nashville. Although the
Kaleidoscope is no more, my website has continued
the same concert and Nashville music scene format
The Kaleidoscope a Nashville
music scene magazine in the
early 1970's, including myself
as writer, and my love for live
concerts as a heavy influence
on published stories
Advertisers in the
Newspaper included
the popular Nashville
radio station
1300 WMAK AM,
As a music lover in a town known as Music City USA, I, Pat Adams attended concerts and
took many pictures from 1970-Present. I made many video recordings, at the request of
local Nashville bands in the 1980's. Also, in the 80's, I was instrumental in helping to put
together the "
Creakers Ball", an annual event in Cheatam County Tennessee featuring
the Winters Brothers and other local bands. In the early 2000's, after taking 100's of concert
pictures over the decades, I decided to post my concert pictures on the internet along
with concert pictures from my family and friends. After the help of others (and Ebay),
my website now has over 200 pages and over 1,000 concert & entertainment pictures
taken in the Nashville Tennessee area. I continue to live in Nashville, write, and take
pictures at local events and concerts. I regularly receive emails from local Nashville music
fans, as well as music fans from all over the world.
My first check at WLAC AM Radio for a whopping $1.51.
This was my first report as a stringer reporter in the 1970's.
I worked as a stringer reporter, reporting on local events in Nashville
Website began January 2003. 1,000's of concert pictures.
Over 500 total pages. Over 20,000 pages opened a month.
Concert pictures from 1970-Present.
Grand Ole Opry, Opryland, Fan Fair / CMA Music Festival, Musicians Jam
Related memorabilia since 1960.
Webmaster: Pat Adams
"1964 The Beatles"
were court ordered,
to remove
The Beatles
from drum sets
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Concert stories included, Grand Funk in their
second trip to Nashville. The Jackson Five  
with singer Michael Jackson comes to town.
Unfortunately most of my issues of the
Kaleidoscope were lost over the years,
The newspaper ended, soon after I left.
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Pat Adams words:  I was born and raised in Nashville Tennessee, a city known as Music City USA. Being a music lover
and a typical "Nashville Cat", I started playing guitar as a teenager, and even auditioned to perform at Opryland USA
Theme Park the first year it opened in the early 1970's. My high school girlfriend and myself sang "Jackson" & "Both
Sides Now" on the stage of the historic Ryman Auditorium. Unfortunately, we failed the audition. I briefly played in a band
with a few guys from high school, playing songs like "Proud Mary" & "Closer To Home". Our attempt to play at the
Centennial Park Bandshell failed, after I plugged my amp in and got no power. It's probably a good thing, because the
Park Patrol would have kicked us out anyway. My "Pat Adams Sings & Plays The Beatles" CD is always good for a
laugh.  I also did some reporting in the 1970's for 1510 WLAC-AM radio, and the Kaleidoscope Newspaper.
The Kaleidoscope Newspaper was one of Nashville's first exclusive "Nashville Music" newspapers. I did stories from the
set of Hee Haw, RCA Records recording studio (where Elvis first recorded) and The Farm (Including an interview with
leader Steve Gaston). I have worked in the computer field most of my life, in one form or another. In 2003, I started my
own version of the Kaleidoscope in the form of a website newsletter. I started a Nashville Music Website called
www.tennesseeconcerts.com after posting my concert pictures on the internet, then collecting concert pictures from
family, friends, Ebay, and even people sending me photo's and memorabilia. The website has grown to over 200 pages,
and is now one of Nashville's most popular concert websites.
Playing tambourine
at Nashville's
"Play It Again Jam"
Musicians Jam
I have been writing since the early 1970's. My love for the city's and Southern culture drives my creativity. I am well
versed in my cities history and music culture. I have lived here all my life. I come from generations of family born and
raised in Nashville.
In high school, I majored in Communication Arts (radio & television) including classes in journalism. I started out in the
1970's writing in high school and helped to create the Kaleidoscope Newspaper, a Nashville music related Newspaper. I
was a student reporter for WLAC-AM radio, reporting on area high school events and more. I did stories from the set of
Hee Haw and the old RCA recording studio where Elvis Presley first recorded in Nashville. I've done photography and
music related videos since the 1970's. I have been instrumental in creating and sponsoring live events in Nashville since
the 1980's including the annual Creekers Ball. In 2003, I started the TennesseeConcerts.com Nashville music & concert
website. I have posted hundreds of pages dedicated to the Nashville music scene including hundreds of concerts. I've
sponsored through my Tennessee Concerts website, musicians jam events since 2006 featuring hundreds of Nashville
musicians including pictures and videos. My TennesseeConcerts website now has over 300 pages filled with pictures,
videos and text from the Nashville music scene.
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