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Vintage Nashville Newspapers #004
of News & Music Events from 1963-Present
Search on For Young Rifleman
By Wayne Whitt, Staff Correspondent
Nashville Tennessean Newspaper

MEMPHIS - Dr. Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Prize winner who made
nonviolence his chief Weapon in the fight for civil rights, was shot to
death here last night as he stood on a balcony outside his hotel room.
The 39-year-old Negro leader was felled by a snipers bullet which struck
him in the neck as he prepared to leave the Lorraine Motel for dinner.
He was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital and wheeled into the emergency
room, a white towel around his neck and an oxygen mask on his face.
He appeared to be breathing but died shortly after 7pm., despite
emergency surgery, an hour after he was shot.
Memphis Police immediately issued an alarm for a "young white male, well
dressed," who reportedly ran out of a building across the street and fled in
a car after dropping a Browning automatic rifle, fitted with a scope.............

My Memories:
I was just a kid when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, but remember when
it happened. Being a young white kid, I really didn't know much about him,
but knew it was a big deal. It was all over the news, and even caused riots
to take place in north Nashville shortly afterwards.
I later learned the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. and what he stood
for. I saved this newspaper, as I knew that this was a major news event.
I later visited the Lorraine Motel several times. See my pictures below.
Nashville Tennessean - April 5, 1968 - Nashville Tennessee
CBS Television News of the 1968 death of
Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis Tennessee
was shot and killed. The above pictures were taken by myself (Pat Adams) in 1989