Music City Nights
with Jared Taber, Emerson Hart (From Tonic) and host Chris Gantry
plus, The Nashville Footstompers including Musicians from Play It Again Jam
Chris Gantry & Nicole Hart
Jared Taber
Emerson Hart from the band Tonic
with Ken Utterback, Doug Corbin, Laurie Canaan, Gary Allen, Walter Jowers & Harley Lamoureux
Chris Gantry joins The Nashville Footstompers for a version of Blue Suede Shoes
The Nashville Footstompers
February 5, 2008: The first video taping of Music City Nights,
featuring some really good singer/songwriters at the Rhythm Cafe
(formally Cafe Milano) on Third Avenue in downtown
Nashville Tennessee.
Also performing at this first show were
Chris Gantry, Jared Taber,
Emerson Hart, and The Nashville Footstompers  playing as the
The House Cats with including Doug Corbin, Ken Utterback, Laurie Canaan,
Harley Lamoureux & Walter Jowers.
I had a chance to go backstage and get some food during the beginning of
the show. After the show started, tornado sirens began to blare throughout
downtown Nashville, as the states deadliest tornado's in over three decades
ripped through Tennessee, killing at least 33 people.
The show continued on, since news reports stated the tornado's were
headed northeast of Nashville. This was also Super Tuesday, and voting
day in Tennessee. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (republican)
and Senator Hillary Clinton (democrat) won the primary vote in Tennessee
on this day. The show went on as planned, despite the eventful day.
Chris Gantry and his daughter Nicole Hart did a good job hosting the event.
Jared Taber
& Emerson Hart sounded good. And, my friends from
The Nashville Footstompers (The House Cats) always sound good.

Pat Adams -
Music City Nights Photographs by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
The Nashville Footstompers play as the house band under the name, The House Cats
Pictures by Pat Adams