John Latta
Winner of the Fall of 2010 Tennessee Concerts Song Contest with People Like Us
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Congratulations to John Latta for winning our Tennessee Concerts
Sonicbids Fall 2010 Song Competition for his song
People Like Us

Runners up:

Aaron Dean, Charlie Faye, Chatham Street, Claire Wyndham, Dree Paterson,
Galen Curry, Glen Naylor, Greylan James, Hope Cassity, Jen Mize, Jerry Blair,
Los Einstein, Malea McGuinness, Mark Stepakoff, Michelle Moore-Scott,
Michelle Ruben, Myla Smith, Scott Dameron and Jay Ladd V, Shawn Taylor,
The Lost River Cavemen, Thirty-Nine Thoughts

I started playing drums when I was five-years-old. It was 1956 -- and Tulsa was
on fire, musically speaking -- when my parents finally agreed to let me take
drum lessons if I promised "to stick with it". I made them pay for that little pun
for decades; and they never complained.
So, on a hot summer's night (in a back alley, upstairs room of a now defunct
music store) a jazz trumpet player took me under his wing and my musical
journey began.
It took me over a year to "earn" a snare drum and more than two to assemble a
cocktail set of blue sparkle Slingerlands -- one drum, cymbal and pedal at a
It was all worth it, I suppose, as I ended up playing in working bands from the
time I was seven and, sometimes, professionally for over thirty-five years.
During those many years, and lately as well, I've had the pleasure of working in
the studio, performing live, sitting-in and co-writing with some of the best
musicians, songwriters, producers and vocal talent in the world (a partial list is
About three years ago I began working in the studio again and writing some
Drummers are nothing if not tenacious...
Review from Gary Alien

John Latta is one lucky bastard that obviously loves winning prizes, like for example the whiskey
balls from my sponsor Lynchburg Candy & Cake.  Two time winner of my Gary Alien’s Sonicbids
“Best Song In The World Competition” wasn’t
enough for this Tulsa drummer/songwriter. The second victory round he tied with two songs in
the number #1 position.
Now he has won Pat Adams' Tennessee Concerts Fall 2010 Song Contest. You get no whiskey
balls for that, but you
do receive neat stuff like a subscription to Not So Modern Drummer from our good friend
George Lawrence, drummer
for seventies country rock band Poco, and owner of George’s Drum Shop.

George Clinton:
Renowned Nashville producer of:
Booker T & The MGs, Isaac Hayes, Alabama, Charley Pride, Reba
McEntire, Shania Twain, KISS, Martina McBride, KT Oslin, Hank
Williams Jr., John Anderson, The Time Jumpers (and many more!)
Produced these songs for John:
" Some Country"
" I'm Done! "
" When The Father's Gone "  
" Where'd Ya Get Them Jeans? "   

Dan Drilling:
GOlmusician, producer, engineer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist
~produced, engineered and mastered:
"Perkins Road" [Male and Female]
"People Like Us"
"I Wanna Take You for a Drive"
And also played on, produced and engineered the recut demo of:
" Where'd Ya Get Them Jeans? "

“Great songs are forever, John and "I'm Done" is a great song! "
George Clinton
Grammy Award Winning
Producer, Nashville

" . . . outstanding hooks
and feel good lyrics !"
Craig Bickhardt
Award winning songwriter & performer

"Man, you win, hands down:
"I'm Done" is the best song we've heard in years!"
Gary Allen, Drummer
(Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale/Stonewall Jackson)
John Latta Official Website:
Tennessee Concerts Song Contest