November 2007
The Play It Again Jam
Music Citys Premier Rock 'n' Roll Musicians Jam
Nashville Tennessee USA
Jimbo Hagey Jr
Lead and rhythm guitar started
playing guitar after seeing the
Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.
Born and raised in Nashville, TN,
Jimbo has played in numerous
cover and original rock and roll
bands over the years. Jimbo traveled
across the Country and provided
lead guitar for “UP With People”
in ’75 and ’76, he was also part of
The Super Bowl  X halftime
entertainment. on jan 19th 1976.
(Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17 ) He was
a Gibson Guitars Endorsing Artist
during the years Gibson was owned
by The Norlin Corporation. Flight,
Illwill, the Gatorr band, the Lost
Dogs, Switchleg, Raven Sky and
Whiskey Biscuit are just a few of
the bands that Jimbo has played in,
over the last 20 years.Jimbo
completed one of his life long
musical dreams when he played
at the historic Ryman auditorium in
June of ’06 with The Raven Sky
Band.He still plays with his old
classic rock band “Whiskey Biscuit”
once a year at the annual Tie Dye
Festival in Adams Tn. His favorite
quote is:“my one gig a year”
My first guitar was a K-Mart special
& included the amplifier. It cost
60.00 and after a several weeks of
begging, my mom finally relented
and bought it for me. My first gig was
the Bellevue talent show at Bellevue
High School, I played with an old
used Silvertone 2-12 piggyback amp
(I whish I still owed it) . While doing
our 1 song, a tube fell out of the back
of the amp, and consequently my
fatherdecided I needed some new
gear. Soon after I was the proud
owner of a beautiful Kustom 75 watt
Solid state 4 X 10” combo amp, and
a beat up’54 Les Paul. (And my still
recovering fingers from trying to put
that hot tube back in the socket!)
After that it was on to bigger
& better guitars and amps.
Gary Allen from the Charlie Daniels Band
& Jimbo at Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon
I studied under John Pell when I
was 16 & 17, but grew tired of the
structure of lessons, so I naturally
quit taking them! I soon learned
that LOUD was the only way I really
liked playing guitar. (Mostly because
the master volume hadn’t been
invented yet) or if it had, I’d never
seen one. I guess I got kicked out of
more bands than I’ve been in, just
for playing too loud. My main
musical influences were the late
Hughie Thomason, The Rev.
Billy F. Gibbons, Allen Collins,
Toy Caldwell, Buck Dharma, &
Eddie Van Halen. My interest in
the electric guitar led me into an
associate of science degree in
electronic engineering in 1978,
and I currently manage the I.T.
infrastructure at a 13 physician
orthopedic clinic in Franklin Tn.
Jimbo’s videos & photo’s of
his bands can be found here:
And here:
Pictures by Pat Adams
Walter Jowers
Ken Utterback
Andy Olson
Jimbo Hagey Junior
Pat Adams
Monty Pierce
Studio Props
Jam infuences
The Beatles,
a 1960's British band
Pee Wee Herman
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