July 2007
The Play It Again Jam
Music Citys Premier Rock 'n' Roll Musicians Jam
Nashville Tennessee USA
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Tony Beazley
Tony Beazley is a professional
cinematographer and studio still
photographer who shoots music
videos, music documentaries and
CD covers for independent artist in
Nashville Tn and the surrounding
states .....(but first a few words
about myself..... shameless
promotion) lol
Well just like a lot of you on
myspace I wanted to be a big
famous Rock Star. I have been
playing bass for 25 years and the
bands I were in kept on breaking up
after learning 30 songs geeeeez
what a pain.... so after years of that
aggravation &^$!@&# I went back to
the other thing I loved and that was
photography and cinematography
and ending up making a good
career choice!  I've shot 45 music
videos for national TV and GAC and
also have hundreds of sellable still
photos of Rock stars. I've shot 5
documentaries that have sold well,
and I also worked on "Against The
Wall " the HBO movie directed by
John Frankenheimer as an extra
cast member and unit still
I also worked closely with Bret
Michaels on his independent film
"Letter From Death Row" as unit
still photographer. That was a blast!
I've really enjoyed meeting all the
great musicians and actors that I
have photographed and made the
music videos for, that to me is
priceless ;)
To see some of my photos of
famous artist and movie stars
check out my website Tony
Beazleys Website.
I also write scripts especially for
commercial spots and some of
them are on the comedic level, oh
well you always have to have fun at
what you do :)
I do have a good day rate on
photography and good prices on
music videos if you are interested.
Click here to email Tony Beazley
Check the links section for urls concerning other notable
projects that I have worked on and works in progress....
Extra note* Wildlife has always
been very interesting to me since
being raised in rural ,woody
environments from the age of 4.
I constantly shoots, when time
permits between jobs,
hummingbird and raptor videos,
collecting stock footage for a later
date documentary.

Tony Beazley is currently working on
a documentary called "Lynyrd
Skynrd: The Anthology" which he is
Director of Photography .While
filming this documentary he also
filmed a two hour
documentary/biography about
Ronnie Van Zant lead singer for
Lynyrd Skynyrd.
This video featured Gene Odom
who was a long time friend of
Ronnie Van Zant. Titled "Jukin' With
Gene :Frynds of Mine". You can
read more about the video in detail
at "Jukin' With Gene:Frynds of Mine"
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