Musicians Jam
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Musicians Jam
May 7, 2006 :  Nashville, Tennessee
* Recording Studio Musicians Jam *
Pictures by Pat Adams from
May 2006
The Earliest Footage of the Musicians Jam
The earliest videos from the early original Musician Jam's (2006-2007)
at Little Hamilton (a recording studio near the Nashville fairgrounds.)
The original jam began in 2006 and ended in 2011. This video includes
many of the musicians from the jam from 2006-2007 jam events. Musicians
include CJ Dubuisson, Mike McIllwain, Kenny Utterback, Chad Harmon,
Joe Nelson, Tiger Gagen, the late Kevin "Woof" Snively, Andy Olson,
Walter Jowers, Tony Beazley, The Toulenes, (Jamon & Dan), Scott Vansen,
the late Chuck Burrows, Dionne & Tom Chinn, Lou, Elton Johnny, Gary
Allen, Linda Joseph, Richard Whitmore, Harley, Jeff Pitcher, the late
Doug Griffiths, Alex, Chip Gallent, Tom Riesner and a whole bunch more.
Video and editing by Pat Adams from
Musicians Jam
The Boys Are Back In Town - Jam Video
2007: The first Play It Again Jam video recorded at the original jam
at a recording studio, near the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Jam
Musicians Jam perform the Thin Lizzy song Jailbreak Mike McIllwain
on vocals. The Musicians Jam in August of 2007. Musicians
include C.J. Dubuisson, Jeff Pitcher, Andy Olson, Walter Jowers,
Kenny Utterback, Gary.Allen, Linda Joseph & others.
Video by photographer Pat Adams
The Jam took