May  2007
The Play It Again Jam
Music Citys Premier Rock 'n' Roll Musicians Jam
Nashville Tennessee USA
Pictures by Pat Adams & Marcy Runge
Doug Griffiths
Dad brought home an organ when
I was a kid, and put it in the living
room where he could entertain
company.  I took lessons for a few
months and quit.  Bought a
Wurlitzer electric piano and a
Farfisa organ and played both in a
high school band, The
Establishment.  I was the first and
only player in the area who played
2 instruments at the same time.  
We got a gig at one of the year's big
dances at the high school and we
were the first band allowed to turn
off all the lights in the gym so we
could have a light show... which
was just strobe lights, but nobody
had seen a show like it before and
we were a big hit.  I went to college
in Syracuse and majored in
Theatre.  Got with a rock band
called "Second Hand" and played a
bunch of college town gigsfrom
Syracuse to Potsdam, NY.  
That was my first experience
playing a (borrowed) A-100,
and we played everything from
Steppenwolf, Deep Purple,  
James Brown, Sly & the Family
Stone to the BeeGees.We didn't
have the sophisticated
PA systems like we have now, so
everything the audience heard
came from behind the musicians
except vocals, and by the end of
Saturday night at a packed house
weekend performance in Potsdam,
my hearing was completely shut
down and I couldn't hear until the
following Wednesday.  Did some
permanent damage there.  
Friends would ask me to play at
their weddings, and I got into
playing pop music on giant pipe
organs from time to time in the
70's.  Even had the opportunity
offered me by the deans of the
Eastman School of Music and
Syracuse University to attend those
schools free and play concerts on
their big pipe organs, but that's
another story I won't get into here.;
Bought a big Lowrey organ and a
Hammond Porta-B & Leslie and
spent most of the 70's playing both
(at right angles to each other) and
kicking bass with my left foot.  Got
tired of recorded drums and drum
machines and Holiday Inns and
hired a drummer and got into the
club scene for the last few years of
the 70's to the early 80's.  Burned
out on having to kick bass all night
while playing 2 organs and singing
every song, so I cancelled 13
months of gigs and went broke.  
Joined an all original
rock/fusion/funk band called
"Passenger" in '83, which was the
only band I've played with that had
roadies and hired concert sound &
lights, and an opening act each
time we played, and when that
broke up I got a guitar player and
we did a commercial rock duo for a
while.  Got with a 7 piece r&b group
called "Hollywood Al & the Mix" and
found out I play really well with a
black band.  "When A Man Loves A
Woman", "Tighten Up", "Shotgun",
"Rainy Night In Georgia", and
songs in that venue became my
regular diet for several years.  We
opened at Rochester's Downtown
Festival Tent for the "Kingsmen"
and "Otis Day & the Knights" in the
late 80's.  Started playing with and
building a reputation for an
emerging blues star, Chris Beard,
around upstate NY after that, and
had the moniker of "Rochester's
only white soul brother" attached to
me by Chester McMillan from B.B.
King's band after filling in for a TV
show that I wasn't aware we were
taping, and aired on Rochester's
black TV station.  Since coming to
Nashville I've jammed with a huge
number of artists, and toured for a
while with blues recording artist
Burton Gaar, before he was
hospitalized. I worked with local
favorites "Smoking Gun" around
Nashville and surrounding
counties. I also tickled the ivorys for
Clifford Curry, best known for
"She Shot A Hole In My Soul",
written by Nashvillian Steve Davis,
as well as Nashville's "Queen of
the Blues", Marion James.
I am currently a member of The
Outfit, a band spawned from the
Play It Again Jam, who will be
playing out this summer.  
Somehow I've managed to whittle
my inventory down so I only have
the Porta-B and Leslie left, but I
intend to get a synthesizer for piano
& strings, etc. soon. Maybe my
dream of owning my very own late
50's - early 60's B-3 will come true
one of these days.

C.J. Dubuisson
Ken Utterback
Douglas Griffiths
Jamon Scott
Dan Crawley
Dionne Chinn
Pat Adams
Alex Castiello
Scott Van Zen
Mike McIllwain
Walter Jowers
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Tony  Beasley
Musicians Jam
Musicians Jam
2006: The 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month,
at 4:00pm the musicians jam is for songwriters,
bands and players to network, write, and/or just
play with other musicians. Guitarists bring your
own axe. Drummers bring your own sticks.
Singers, Bands, Artists, and Writers "All Welcome".
Hosted by C.J. Dubiusson & Gary Allen
Jailbreak: Very Early Musicians Jam video
2007: Musicians Jam video recorded at the original jam Musicians
Jam perform the Thin Lizzy song Jailbreak with Mike McIllwain on
vocals CJ Dubuisson, Andy Olson, Gary Allen, Walter Jowers,
Kenny Utterback  & Linda Joseph and others.
Video by photographer Pat Adams
The Boys Are Back In Town - Jam Video
2007: Eary Musiians Jam video recorded at the original jam
at a recording studio, near the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Jam
Musicians Jam perform the Thin Lizzy song Jailbreak Mike McIllwain
on vocals. The Musicians Jam in August of 2007. Musicians include
C.J. Dubuisson, Jeff Pitcher, Andy Olson, Walter Jowers,
Video by photographer Pat Adams

Website by Pat Adams.
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