Play It Again Jam!
The 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, at 4:00pm the musicians jam is for songwriters,
bands and players to network, write, and/or just play with other musicians. Hosted by
C.J. Dubuisson & drummer Gary Allen. Guitarists bring your own axe.
Drummers bring your own sticks. Singers, Bands, Artists, and Writers "All Welcome"
April  2007
The Play It Again Jam
Music Citys Premier Rock 'n' Roll Musicians Jam
Nashville Tennessee USA
Pictures by Tony Beasley & Pat Adams
Linda Joseph
Encouraged by a wonderful junior
high school orchestra teacher, I
attended Julliard Prepartory Music
School for 3 years beginning when
I was thirteen, but somehow after
high school I let playing go. I
guess the early 60's lured me to
the guitar, and after a friend bought
me a ' 67 J-45 Gibson, the violin
faded into the background. At the
time, I tried to emulate artists like
Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Joni
Mitchell. Not long after, I became
enamored with blues musicians
such as Son House, Mississippi
John Hurt, Robert Johnson and
Muddy Waters. Then there was the
wonderful Gaslight Cafe in
Greenwich Village where I first
heard some of the greatest
musicians. John Hammond,
Doc Watson, James Taylor, Paul
Geremia to name a few. One of the
entertainers I met at the Gaslight
was banjo player Billy Fairer. I
never was a big fan of banjo, but
he was so good, and played
everything but bluegrass.
We later met and since he was a
Woodstock loyal, I was introduced
to the Woodstock crowd. Happy
and Artie Traum, Ramblin Jack
Elliot, Bob Dylan and lots of folks I
have since forgotten. Thirteen
years went by before I ever picked
up the violin again, but one day in
Denver Colorado, I just decided to
quit my job ( a normal good paying
one ) and practice 6-8 hours a day
just to get my chops back.
I struggled to relearn on my own.
In 1972, I joined up with the
Boulder Colorado based "Ophelia
Swing Band". This groups jazzy,
high energy, "little-big band" sound
launched my love affair with music,
and I never looked back.
Tim O' Brien, bluegrass mandolist
and fiddler extraordinaire was the
driving force of Orphelia and I
learned a lot working with him.
Nashville was a daring move and I
was warned by all my friends not to
go, but like all younger people,
I was full of enthusiasm and
adventure, and sped away in my
little 1963 VW bug that could barely
make the trip. The first couple of
years I was in Music City, I spent
many long days pickin at Tootsie's
Orchid Lounge with  Mark Brine
who I've managed to pick with for
over 25 years. We played to every
drunk in town and many tourist
buses that stopped at Tootsie's.
Printer's Alley was another local
gig for about a year at The
Nashville Review, which doesn't
exist anymore. That was a lot of fun.
We had a very quirky band with
Austin Church as sort of the MC.
He was a local colorful figure
during the early 80's with a voice
and presence much like Ernest
Tubb. Other local country hot spots
were Gabe's Lounge, Pee Wee's,
Merchants on Lower Broad a few
clubs around Trinity Lane. In 1987
I played with The Bobby Springfield
Band as the opening act for the
legendary George Jones/Merle
Haggard concert at Starwood.
That may have been the most
exciting concert that I was directly
involved in, that I ever experienced.
In the summer of ' 93, I traveled
with my good friend Mark Brine to
Lugano, Switzerland, where we
participated in a country music
festival. As I recall, I sang Stormy
Weather on a live radio show,
which led to an invitation the
following year to form my own
band, at the ' 94 Lugano "Blues to
Bop" festival. From 1993-2000,
Jeff and I were core members of
"Nashville Weather," a unique
Celtic/folk group. Although
Nashville Weather specialized in
Celtic music, we were really more
of an eclectic band playing styles
from a variety of genres.
For about seven years we played in
Centennial Park for the Tennessee
Arts Council Association Arts
Festival, better known as TACA
.This past summer I traveled with
the Trevecca Orchestra to Austia,
the Czech Republic and Germany,
where we played 5 concerts in
magnificent Antigua European
churches. It wasn't that piece that
drew the most attention however,
It was the "Tennessee Waltz".
Go figure?!   LJ  2007
Tom Reisner
Walter Jowers
Ken Utterback
Dan Crawley
Jamon Scott
Mike McIllwain
Douglas Griffiths
Linda Joseph
Tony Beasley
C.J. Dubuisson
Gary Allen
Jeff Pitcher
Dionne Chinn
Pat Adams