Ken Utterback is in the middle
2006: The 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month,
at 4:00pm the musicians jam is for songwriters,
bands and players to network, write, and/or just
play with other musicians. Guitarists bring your
own axe. Drummers bring your own sticks.
Singers, Bands, Artists, and Writers "All Welcome".
Ken Utterback ,
the guitarist/vocalist/writer from the
band Pacific Gas & Electric that
had a #1 with their release
Are You Ready in the 70's. A later pairing
of Ken, Frank Petricca and Gary Maier
did a cover of the song that was as great
as the original. You can hear the cover
version at They
have a cool website with a message
board at
Ken's the real deal, a damn nice
guy & his wife makes fabulous
spaghetti and meatballs!
January 2007
Ken Utterback
Gary, Pat & CJ
C.J. Dubuisson
Ken Utterback
Walter Jowers
The late Doug Griffiths
Tony Beazley
Dionne Chinn
Chip Gallent
Sonny Hunt
Tiger Gagen
Musicians Jam
Pictures by Pat Adams from
Musicians Jam
Pat Adams & CJ Dubuisson
Jailbreak: Very Early Musicians Jam video
2007: Musicians Jam video recorded at the original jam Musicians
Jam perform the Thin Lizzy song Jailbreak with Mike McIllwain on
vocals CJ Dubuisson, Andy Olson, Gary Allen, Walter Jowers,
Kenny Utterback  & Linda Joseph and others.
Video by photographer Pat Adams
Music Citys Premier Rock 'n' Roll Musicians Jam
Nashville Tennessee USA
Pictures & Videos by Pat Adams of