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Holly Bernt

Runnerup in Gary Allen's Sonicbids Best Song In The World Contest Spring 2010

I feel as though my life has been very interesting so far. I am twenty-three and have lived in 6 states my favorites of which are
South Dakota and Oregon.  I like to think about my music as a story in my life. I write whenever something happens to me and I
don't usually realize it until the song is finished. My music is very real to me and I am definitely not a sell out. I have to keep my
music real for myself.

My music abilities blossomed the most when I was sent to boarding school at the age of 14. Playing the piano became an
addiction and I fell in love with it. At age twelve I had picked up the guitar and started writing songs on it but my first love was
always the piano.

I now live in Rochester MI and am enjoying life in college and working. At this point I have been doing some coffee shop gigs
etc. and have just recently decided to put more emphasis on my music career just for the sheer love of it. My songs are all part
of my story and I hope that in some way others will find their stories in my songs as well. I love music and that is what drives

Holly was a standout early in my  Sonicbids Song Competition. Her songs are personal stories of her life experiences. If she
was older I would think she grew up listening to the waif like female hippie folksingers from the Woodstock era, like Joni
Mitchell. She sings and writes like the beat-poets of the sixties who discover their voice through their explorations and their
singing becomes their instrument as well as a guitar.

Holly seems to go it alone pretty much, singing and playing everything herself. The lyrics are clever and descriptive, and when
she plays guitar, her fingers find these patterns which possibly express what words cannot. Holly's voice glides in and out of
the often soulful, spare and uncluttered ultra clean arrangements. The tunes are poetic lyrically, challenging artistically and
exquisite musically. I'm a fan, where do I sign up?

-Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale/Stonewall Jackson)
Tennessee Concerts Song Contest