Elvis Presley Tribute
Elvis Presley:
Born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo Mississippi. Died August 16, 1977 in Memphis Tennessee
Elvis sold over a billion
records worldwide and
starred in 33 films. He
performed nearly 1,100
live performances,
including a performance
at the Nashville
Grand Ole Opry on
September 25, 1954
Graceland & Grave
Pictures by Pat Adams.
Elvis pictures were
taken by other people
Elvis Presleys home "Graceland" in Memphis attracts
600,000 people a year. He died in an upstairs room here.
See live pictures of Graceland on the Graceland Cam*
1976: Elvis in concert at
the  Mid-South Coliseum
in Memphis Tennessee
For security reasons, Vernon Presley, with special permission from the city, had the grave sights of Elvis and his
mother Gladys moved from Forrest Hill Cemetery to Graceland in October of 1977. Since then the garden has
become the final resting place for Elvis's father and paternal grandmother as well. A small marker has been placed
in memory of Elvis's stillborn twin brother. The large marble cross was Glady's Presleys only monument. The statue
of Jesus with outstretched arms was a gift to Elvis from his friends, one Christmas. The Meditation Garden
was designed and built by Bernard Granadier at Elvis's request in the mid 1960's. It features Italian statues,
an elaborate fountain and special lighting. The brick wall behind the Grecian inspired columns is inlaid
with primitive stained glass handmade in Spain in the mid 1800's. The garden offered Elvis a private,
serene area for meditation, reflection and quiet contemplation.
It was one of his favorite places.
Text from plaque shown above in the Meditation Garden at Graceland Mansion
A Rare picture of Elvis Presley
at the Memphis Fairgrounds
in the 1960's
An actual picture of Elvis with fans
in front of Graceland in the 1960's
1960's: Elvis on the
grounds of Graceland in
Memphis Tennessee
Johnny Cash & Elvis
backstage at the Opry
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