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Nashville Concert Pictures
Nashville Tennessee
Cooters Place:Ben Jones "Cooter" signs
January 21, 2006 "Cooter"
starred in the"Dukes Of Hazzard"
"Cooters Place",  
Dukes Of Hazzard
Museum & Shop
Music Valley Village
in Nashville, near the
Opryland Hotel,
in Nashville
Bill Jones
played "Cooter"  
on the original
television series, the
"Dukes Of Hazzard"
from 1979-1985.
Area Concerts
35 Years of
Nashville Concert
Cooter's Place
Pictures by Pat Adams
Music Valley Drive,
Nashville TN, USA
Dukes Of Hazzard
Museum & Shop
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Dukes Of Hazzard Page 3
Page 1: Cooter's 1st Grand Opening
Page 2: Cooter & Enos in Person
Page 3: Cooter signs Autographs
Page 4: Pictures of the General Lee
Page 5: New Bigger Store & Museum
Page 6: Cooter Sings On-Stage
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