Billy Cox
Born in West Virginia

Jimi Hendrix
In 1961, while
stationed at Fort
Campbell Army Base,
Billy Cox formed a
band with Jimi Hendrix
called the King
Kasuals. They played
in Nashville often.
A plaque on Jefferson
St. commemorating
Jim Hendrix & others
was stolen, before I
had a chance to get a
picture of it.  As far as
I know, it has never
been replaced.
Let's replace it!

2005: Billy Cox
appears on the "Night
Train To Nashville"
CD released by the
Country Music Hall Of
Fame in Nashville

In August of 1969
Hendrix formed
"Gypsy Suns &
Rainbows" to play at
Woodstock. Cox was
asked to join by his
old freind, Jimi

Band Of Gypsys
Billy Cox played
in the Jimi Hendrix
"Band Of Gypsys"
which included
recording on many
of the last albums
that Hendrix recorded,
and appearing
in numerous
Jimi Hendrix video's
Billy Cox
1979:  Nashville, Tennessee
* The Exit In *
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Nashville musician Billy Cox was a long time friend of
Jimi Hendrix and a member of Jimi Hendrix band
Band Of Gypsys".He and Jimi Hendrix met while stationed
at the Kentucky, Fort Campbell Army Base in the 1960's
Billy Cox from the Jimi Hendrix Band Of Gypsies
The Exit In, Nashville's premier music forum since 1971
Exit In: I first went to the Exit In, in the early 1970's using a fake
ID. Over the years. I have seen many artists perform there
including: Julian Lennon, Stories, Jimmy Buffett, Wet Willie, B.J.
Thomas, Dr Hook, Natchez Trace, Jimmy Hall & Barefoot Jerry
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Jimi Hendrix
Pictures taken
in Washington
Jimi Hendrix
Birth: Nov. 27 1942
Death: Sep. 18, 1970
Guitar Legend.
Unquestionably one
of modern music's
most influential
figures on the
electric guitar. His
styles ranged from
Rhythm and Blues,
to jazz, to funk. Born
Johnny Allen
Hendrix in Seattle,
Washington, his
father changed the
boy's name to
James Marshall
Left-handed, he self
taught himself how
to play a
right-handed guitar
when he was a
young boy,
specializing in
style. In September
1966, Hendrix
arrived in London,
and formed a new
group using English
musicians, called
the Jimi Hendrix
Experience. In
December 1966,
they released their
first single, "Hey,
Joe" which quickly
went to the top 10 in
the UK, followed by
"Purple Haze" and
"The Wind Cries
Mary." Returning to
the US in June
1967, he appeared
at the Monterey Pop
Festival, where he
played the guitar
with his teeth, then
burned the guitar
with lighter fluid. His
American audience
continued to grow
with the release of
"Axis: Bold as Love"
and the jazz
influenced "Up From
the Skies." Internal
differences between
several members of
the group led to their
breakup. One of
Hendrix's most
performances was
at the Woodstock
Festival in New
York, where Hendrix
played his famed
version of "The Star
Spangled Banner",
which some
listeners perceived
as a political
statement. On the
morning of 18
September 1970,
his girlfriend,
Dannemann, could
not wake him, and
she called an
ambulance, but he
was pronounced
dead. A coroner's
inquest recorded
the cause of death
as suffocation due
to inhalation of
vomit. Since then,
others have claimed
either overdose of
drugs or suicide, but
these claims
remain in dispute. A
Jimi Hendrix
Museum was
created in Seattle,
Washington, in his
honor. On
November 26, 2002
Hendrix's body was
exhumed and
reburied under a
marble dome
memorial in another
section of
Memorial Park.
Hendrix's father Al
and his step mother
Ayako 'June' Hendrix
have also been
placed in the vault in
the center of the
memorial. (bio by:
Kit and Morgan
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Jimi Hendrix
Memorial Park
King County
Washington, USA
Courtesy of
Jimi Hendrix Shotgun Live 1965 Night Train Backing Buddy & Stacey.
The Oldest Known Film Footage of Jimi Hendrix Playing Guitar
on Nashville's Channel 5  "WLAC-TV studios, L & C Tower,
159 4th Avenue North, Nashville Jimi appears as a guitar player in
"The Royal Company" playing in the back-up band for Buddy & Stacy
on the WLAC-TV Channel 5 show "Night Train" performing "Shotgun".
the Wilson Pickett version of the song was released in late June -
early July. Billy Cox has said that Jimi left and returned to Nashville
several times, this could have been one of those visits...
My 2008 video of Billy Cox in Nashville at Gibson
Billy Cox from the Jimi Hendrix "Band Of Gypsies" at the Gibson Summer
Jam 2008 at the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville Tennessee performing
"Red House" with guitar greats Johnny A and Jack Pearson, in June 2008
Tennessee Concerts
Editor: Pat Adams
Nashville Tennessee